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Anti Termite TREATMENT

Radar Technology Pioneering in Central India EXTERMINATION & DETECTION. Of termites the smart way with TERMATRAC T3i advanced technology Accurate Termite movement detection Extermination without messy drilling of expensive flooring


Since ages Pest control industry is providing traditional Termite Treatment to infested dwellings by drilling up deep holes into the flooring woodwork inside the premises without knowing the exact entry point of Termites. Miserably, the treatment is known to have limitations and does not yield cent percent results.

Now here we introduce for the first time ever in central India, a unique termite eradication and detection service that are at par with the concern international trends. First detect the precise location of termites using world's best termite detector TERMATRAC T3i from within the walls, floors and woodwork. Then we provide effective pinpointed chemical treatment ensuring total elimination of termites from the building.

To prevent the future termite infestation from outside, the soil all around the external periphery of premises is treated non repellent and odorless chemical that is proven effective against termites with.

This chemical formulation that is used has a domino or killing effect. Termite on making contact with the chemical does not die immediately and unknowingly spread toxins onto other termites of the colony before dying. These passively infected termites do the same before dying. This is a chain reaction that eventually destroys the entire termite colony. Is that not a smart way.…

TERMATRAC T3i Advanced Technology

The Termatrac T3i manufactured in Australia has been hailed as the most advanced termite detection device in the world and the first ever product to precisely detect, locate and confirm the presence of termites by Radar technology without the need of physical penetration of walls, floors or ceiling.


Eco friendly pest control is highly recommended in the hospitals because of the lowered resistance level of patients frequented there. Eco Friendly Pest Control formula uses a synthetic form of Pyrethrum or third generation insecticides that work on the insect’s nervous system, with no harm to humans or warm blooded mammals and no harm to the environment or eco system. The chemicals are odorless, so there is no need to vacate the premises to be treated, thus saving businesses such as hotels, restaurants, Hospitals etc. loss of money and man hours.

We use insecticides duly approved by Central insecticide board to control household pests like Cockroaches, Spiders, Ants, Bed Bugs, & more.

Rodent Control

Following activities shall be undertaken for effective rodent Control.

  • Fumigation of Burrows :-

    All the burrows in the near vicinity of buildings will be properly identified and close down after treating with fumigants. It has a gas effect and rodents will die in the ground itself. The basic principle is that the burrow should retain the gas for sufficient time to be lethal enough to kill all the rats and rodents present inside

  • External Baiting :-

    We shall place in the periphery of all the buildings temper proof bait stations at strategic locations. These stations shall have poison baits which shall be checked fortnightly. Location of these bait stations is such that the possibility of rodents getting trapped by these is maximum. Rodents will consume these baits and die outside.

  • Internal Trapping :-

    Internal Rodent Trap stations shall be strategically placed within buildings at various locations adjacent to walls. These stations will have Non-toxic glue pads inside. If some rodent find entry in building will get caught in this. Glue Pads would be replaced fortnightly or when rodents are get trapped.

  • Deny Entry :-

    Any type of opening in any establishments provide the most favorable conditions for rats to hide, freely move from one place to another and also for breeding purpose because of undisturbed conditions. The migration of rodents from infested areas to non-infested takes due to these conditions. Thus it is very important to keeping the entry points shut with the help of fixing automatic door closure device. This helps to prevent entry of new rodents entering into the premises. We shall keep inspecting the site closely to identify the places where rodents may seek entry such as any holes in walls, broken drain caps, space beneath external doors, open cable ducts etc. All such place observed shall be intimated to you and plugged by you to further reduce possibility of infestation.


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What is Sanitization Process ?

This Process deactivates all forms of Microorganisms such as Viruses, Bacteria etc. from the treated area.