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Sanitization Process

This Process deactivates all forms of Microorganisms such as Viruses, Bacteria etc. from the treated area.

The Chemical used by us is a multicomponent fumigant and disinfectant. The oxidizing agent used is hydrogen peroxide , which is bonded with stabilizing agents to form a complex solution. A long-lasting effect is ensured by the addition of silver, which acts as a catalyst in trace amounts. The bactericidal effect of silver is based on the fact that the monovalent silver ion Ag+ binds very firmly to bacterial proteins by a covalent or co-ordinate bond, and thus inactivates or precipitates these


  • Eco- friendly – It is totally bio-degradable
  • Can easily be dosed since (H2O2) breaks down into water & oxygen
  • Does not foam
  • Chlorine free
  • Decomposes into water and oxygen
  • Non-toxic (no irritation to skin or eyes)
  • No effect on pH
  • Treats any other material with consideration
  • Non carcinogenic & non mutagenic
  • Excellently rinseable with no remain

Effective Mode of Action

The combined effect of hydrogen peroxide and silver nitrate attacks cell walls of microorganisms upon direct contact. Nascent oxygen denaturizes the cell wall and disrupts cytoplasm stability. This effect is boosted by silver ions that disrupt protein activities associated with reproductive and metabolic systems and deactivates them resulting in rapid cellular degradation and microbial death.

Silver H2 O2 disrupts the cellular membrane of microorganisms and attacks internal cell structure and processes. H2O2 decomposes into water and oxygen (2H2 O2 – > 2H2 O+O2 ) and traces of nano silver form residue on the disinfected surface. These silver traces are invisible and non-toxic but actively and effectively counteract re- germination and re-growth.

This Treatment will be carried out with Highly effective ULV machines ( Ultra Low Volume ) which accurately release disinfectants over the desired area. These can be directed to spray where it is needed and cover a wider area, helping to improve public hygiene and reducing the risk of virus transmission through aerial & surface contact.

Prevention Against Corona Virus

The best way to prevent illness is to avoid being exposed to this Virus.


Maintain Social Distancing

Avoid group gatherings, keep 6ft of distance between you and other person.Avoid non-essential travelling.Stop shaking hands.


Wash your Hands with a Soap

Wash your hands after coming from public places, avoid touching things in public places. Use a sanitizer.


Wear a Mask

If you are sick or going in public then you should wear a mask.Avoid touching your mask after wearing it.Don't use same mask for days, dispose it and get a new one.


Cover your face while Coughing or Sneezing

Cover your face with a tissue or cotton cloth while Coughing or Sneezing. So that others may not get ill.And it prevents the Virus to spread.


Stay at Home

If you are sick avoid going in public.Stay at home.Avoid unnecessary roaming on streets.Stay at Home Save Lives


Cleaning and Disinfection

Disinfection reduce the number of microorganisms.We are expert in it you can call us - 9827011102 , 07554233935 or mail us -