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Anti Termite Treatment

Anti Termite TREATMENT

Radar Technology Pioneering in Central India EXTERMINATION & DETECTION. Of termites the smart way with TERMATRAC T3i advanced technology Accurate Termite movement detection Extermination without messy drilling of expensive flooring


Since ages Pest control industry is providing traditional Termite Treatment to infested dwellings by drilling up deep holes into the flooring woodwork inside the premises without knowing the exact entry point of Termites. Miserably, the treatment is known to have limitations and does not yield cent percent results.

Now here we introduce for the first time ever in central India, a unique termite eradication and detection service that are at par with the concern international trends. First detect the precise location of termites using world's best termite detector TERMATRAC T3i from within the walls, floors and woodwork. Then we provide effective pinpointed chemical treatment ensuring total elimination of termites from the building.

To prevent the future termite infestation from outside, the soil all around the external periphery of premises is treated non repellent and odorless chemical that is proven effective against termites with.

This chemical formulation that is used has a domino or killing effect. Termite on making contact with the chemical does not die immediately and unknowingly spread toxins onto other termites of the colony before dying. These passively infected termites do the same before dying. This is a chain reaction that eventually destroys the entire termite colony. Is that not a smart way.…

TERMATRAC T3i Advanced Technology

The Termatrac T3i manufactured in Australia has been hailed as the most advanced termite detection device in the world and the first ever product to precisely detect, locate and confirm the presence of termites by Radar technology without the need of physical penetration of walls, floors or ceiling.

TERMITES-The silent destroyer

Termites are known as "silent destroyer" because of their ability to chew through woodwork, flooring, fabric, Clothes, Books and even wallpaper undetected. Theylive on cellulose which is available in wood and its products. Uniquely, Termites do not ever need sleep. They work 24-hours a day eating which is why they cause enormous damage.

Termites need contact with the soil to survive. They live in underground colonies in million of numbers with queen the only fertile member capable of laying thousands of eggs per day. They build mud tunnels to reach food. These covered tunnels provide humidity conditions and darkness necessary for their movement and for maintaining contact with earth. They enter a building from ground level working their way upwards through floors, destroying all that comes in their way. So little is seen of these termite operations that sometime the structural member attacked is found to be merely a shell with the inside completely riddled and eaten away. One cannot control termites by only any mere insecticide spray. Afew hundred termites in view may get killed, but a million more would still remain in the nest and continue destruction.


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What is Sanitization Process ?

This Process deactivates all forms of Microorganisms such as Viruses, Bacteria etc. from the treated area.